LOVE Quattuor Ring

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Embrace LOVE–always!
This Quattuor love ring is the ultimate statement piece that harnesses the concept of love with the power of fashion. The word "LOVE" has been carefully carved onto the face of this ring, and it can be worn day or night. It suits any occasion and may even be a fantastic gift idea for someone who loves pretty jewelry.
White gold looks effortlessly elegant.
Yellow gold exudes a classic timelessness.
Rose gold captures a feminine charisma.
Unsure about which color you should select? 
 Cool skin tones have pinkish undertones and are identifiable by blueish veins.
 White gold acts as a perfect compliment to these complexions.
 Warm skin tones have yellowish undertones and are identifiable by greenish veins. 
 Yellow gold adds a beautiful finishing touch to these skin colors.
 Rose gold is divine and captivating on most skin tones.
And if you are still can't decide on which color to pick, why not treat yourself to more than one?
Adjustable one size is perfect for everyone.
1-micron gold plated Sterling silver 
Shiny finish 
Dimensions: 5,5*4,0*0,1 cm
The black shadow on the image is a reflection on the polished finish caused by photography and does not correspond to a feature on the ring jewelry.