FILIPPA I PIUGGI | Also known as "FIP HANDBAGS" is a handbag designer. Although bag making began as an accidental love, the founder of FIP, a modern handmade bag company, was launched in February 2015.

      FIP handmade handbags are all made in the USA. Every single product is meticulously handcrafted with quality materials, exquisite fabric, and perfect details. FIP designs to achieve a traditional style with a fresh and modern influence.

      Filippa is self-taught, although growing up with a master tailor    gave her a significant advantage and knowledge for attention to detail and quality. Has given her the passion for craftsmanship she has.

      Her dedication to quality and beauty has been making  headlines within the industry, gaining acclaim for her  unique and modern handbags. While the brand has  continued to grow, Filippa's attention to detail and customer satisfaction remains the same.

      Filippa loves spending time with her family when not running FIP.