14th Jan 2016

The Perfect Handbag is an accessory that no woman can or will live without. Also, there is no such thing as having a single bag; we need bags for all occasions. Every time you invest in a bag, some fashion essentials need to be considered. Some factors to make your purse shopping easy.

Space Issues Bags should not only complement what you are wearing but also serve the primary function of storing your essentials. Look for a bag that has enough compartments to take care of your must-have items.

Envelope bags are the only ones that can be excused of hosting multiple compartments, given their sleek form. Versatility Index Switching between purses frequently can be difficult, especially when you need to transfer the entire contents of one bag to another one. Moments such as “I left my wallet at home” and the “keys are in the other purse” happen due to these bag switches. You can spare yourself by going for a bag in a neutral color like black, brown, or beige, in a matte or metallic tone. These colors look just fine with casuals as well as formals and can be your favorite pick-up-and-go bags for all occasions. Color Me Bright colors are another must-have in your purse collection. Go for bright red, orange, or pink to add some life to the lighter pastel shades you are sporting for the day. Since they are bright in color, you would do well to go for smaller-sized bags and clutches. Team these with jeans, matching peep-toes, or even with some light-colored pant suits. Size matters If you tend to carry a lot of stuff around with you; you would do well to take a tote style handbags rather than stuff your purse with all your essentials. Bags with lots of things stuffed in them give your arm piece a weighted-down look.

This ultimately takes away their basic shape and design, and they look bulky and stretchy. Totes with a firm structure and well-defined shape will do more justice to the contents as well as the outfit you are pairing it with. Last but not least, go for a bag that complements your figure. If you are petite, then you would be better off with something smaller or medium-sized. Otherwise, you can always go for some totes or oversized bags.