Every woman needs several types of bags in her wardrobe to make it complete; not only do particular bags suit certain outfits, but different occasions also call for various kinds of bags. For the burgeoning fashionista who’s just getting into the bag game, though, I suggest having four basic types to get started: the HOBO, the CLUTCH,  the SATCHEL, & the TOTE . These four types of bags will take you anywhere, at any time, while wearing anything. Read on to find out exactly how to deploy these accessories from your fashion arsenal.

The HOBO bag is a slouchy, flexible bag that forms a crescent-shaped curve between the two ends of the strap. It uses soft, flexible materials like suede, knit, and distressed leather and tends to slouch when you set it down. Worn casually over one shoulder, the bag can be of any size. A HOBO bag tends to have a casual appearance especially the larger and slouchier it gets. It can be a very efficient way of carrying a lot of things quite fashionably. As the strap is usually wide, it allows you to stuff the bag with everything you need. Apart from the practicality, it looks fantastic and perfectly complements more laid-back looks. A HOBO Bag goes well with summer apparel, maxi dresses, and more casual outfits.

The CLUTCH is exactly what it sounds like, a bag small enough for you to grip; it is usually strapless. Most often, it is a bag used as evening wear; the clutch is perfect to carry things like your money, phone, and makeup on an evening out. Why you need it: evening clothes are dazzling, elegant, and require smaller accessories to complete them and retain their understated charm. A clutch fits the bill perfectly, small enough to not overshadow the rest of the ensemble but also elegant enough to complete it. A CLUTCH pairs well with a couture gown or an elegant pantsuit. It looks great with a structured blazer. Carry a CLUTCH when you don't want to carry a larger bag.

The SATCHEL evolved as a fashion accessory that is traditionally used for carrying books. The strap is often worn so that it crosses the body diagonally, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. It's a bag with a rectangular body and a long strap, or it can have a short strap that can be worn on the wrist. Why you need one: apart from its capacity, this bag is very convenient to wear as it rests securely across your body. The SATCHEL is the perfect accompaniment to a sharp suit or jeans with a white dress shirt.

The TOTE is usually a long, rectangular bag with two short straps, either held loosely at the side or worn at the shoulder - a large bag used for carrying many items. A TOTE is a perfect bag with which to go to the market or run errands because it gives you massive carrying capacity without compromising style. It’s a convenient bag, making it easier for you to carry things around. TOTES are an excellent choice for commuting, work, and play.

With these four essentials in your wardrobe, you are ready to enter the world of haute couture, with style and ease!