Monochrome Bags a range of tones of a single color. The minimalist look is always great and suitable to wear with your style. Honestly, we all have a go-to color.

Monochrome bags are the trend now and have been forever; They come in all colors and sizes; there is always something bold and classy about the solid color choice that monochrome handbags give us. A color that you love will fit your style. The most iconic bags are monochrome; they are just so modern and classic. Here are a few celebrities who wear monochrome bags well:

Kendall Jenner | If you don't know which color to pick, you can never go wrong with black, as Kendall has proven time and again. Monochrome bags can come in many different shapes. The texture is important when it comes to selecting the perfect monochrome bag. If faux fur isn't for you, then play around with fringes and quilted patterns for really great substitutes.

Beyoncé | The queen bee herself is a fan of monochrome handbags. Her Barbie pink hobo bag rocks. If you're not too sure about pastel pink, there are other colors you could choose from – the world is your oyster. Opt for more slouchy shapes and wear your pastel accessory with pleasure.

Olivia Palermo | A clutch is a must-have accessory, Olivia Palermo made a statement with her power blue clutch. Pair bright colors with unusual shapes to spice up all kinds of outfits. It can transform your outfit of the day from bland to iconic.

Karlie Kloss | As far as accessories are concerned, white gets overlooked a lot. People have mistaken this color as bland and simple. However, white can still make a rather powerful statement. Try out oversized white handbags for a model look. If you're still unsure about white, you could go for darker yet cool shades like pale purple or baby blue.

Eve | The iconic rapper.  She stepped out with a flashy yet fierce cherry red, crossbody-bucket bag. Pick the length you're most comfortable. No rule book for handbags. Your handbag should mirror your style and add some sass to your overall look. No matter the length of your strap, always go for an epic, bright primary color for your monochrome bucket bag.