It is often said that a girl can never have enough bags. There is a statistic showing that almost every American woman over 18 years of age has and uses over 11 handbags at some time or another and buys at least two new bags each year. Eleven bags?!

How many bags does a person need? Let's be honest. For all practical purposes, no single individual needs more than two or three bags. You need a bag to use every day, carrying your stuff, something that goes with most outfits, a formal looking bag for meetings and such, and a tote or backpack. Although most bags aren't purchased for their practicality, they are bought for the way they look and feel.

Some people like to buy bags for the sake of having a collection. They look for quality products, spend a decent amount of money, and keep their bags in mint condition. These bags are unlikely ever to be used. In such cases, they are seen as investments, and keeping as many bags as possible and actively searching for them is normal. There is, however, another type of bag buyer, the type that sees a bag and just wants it (I think this might be me ;). This type has no real motivation except the desire to own the bag.

None of this means that you should completely stop buying bags. You do need a bag choice, especially when it comes to your lifestyle and matching it with your outfits. Bag buying can be addictive. The next time you want to buy a bag, make sure you plan to use it and not leave it in your closet to be forgotten.