​Hot Handbag Trends To Look Out For This Fall 2017

From gigantic to micro, from baskets to diamonds, the fall trends for handbags promise to be anything but "same old."

Vast and bold: with larger being seen as definitely better for this fall season, Karl Lagerfeld unveiled the future with his intergalactic silver leather duffels and oversized carryalls.

"The more, the merrier" theme was carried by L.L. Bean's extra sized bags in premium leather.

Functional chic: the New York Fashion Week, however, focused more on practical chic than size alone. Small to medium sized totes and satchels grabbed eyeballs and headlines at the fall fashion event.

Gold and crystals: intricate designs and gold color crystals that speak of sheer opulence are trends to watch out for this fall with Tony Birch and Marchesa.

But the oversized variations were not conspicuous by their absence with Michael Kors featuring masculine bags with two front pockets.

Delpozo's chic glitter and color came together with clutches and circular moon bags draped in sequins and replete with metallic handles.

The clutch is not far behind for fall 2017 and gets micro and feisty with Calvin Klein's new sleek look and Dior's classy sequined number.

Fur for fall: Fur bags may be seen in plenty this fall with furry and elegant combinations. Dolce and Gabbana get real furry with a sling that speaks fur language loud and clear. Fendi goes dark and mysterious with a furry, black classic with a metallic handle.

Label Mania: Keen on flashing names? Bags that shout out their brands are here, making the fall noisier than ever. Dior, Balenciaga, D&G, and Calvin Klein are all logos that you can show off this fall without too much effort, with bold and beautiful lettering.

Unusual shapes: Meanwhile, architecture has also received designers' attention this fall. Unique shapes and figures abound with Chloe's charming spherical number and Dior's large strap and small body sling. Gabriella Hurst has an accordion-inspired architecture that is a definite crowd puller.

Three in one: Micro trends with three bags in tow instead of one may be something that can surprise everyone this fall. Many big names, including Fendi, Gucci, and Coach, are featuring three-in-one fashion trends for the fall; it may be full steam ahead for this trend.