How To Choose Your Bag Based On Your Lifestyle

There is endless information available on how to choose a handbag. Focus on your way of life. You pick a bag based on either your outfit or your body type, right? How about your lifestyle? Here are a few pointers.

What defines your lifestyle?

Each of us has a way of life, and what we do, say, and believe, as well as what handbag we carry, should naturally be an extension of us.

Outdoorsy, Hands-On | Some women like to get out and do things. The great outdoors is always calling, and they like to answer every now and again. You see them taking hikes over the weekend rather than hitting the clubs. These are women who would strip down an engine and put it back together in a day. If you are such a person, you might want something that is purely functional, something that is sturdy, robust, and can handle your lifestyle.

Formal, Corporate Power Player | If you suit up and get to work every day, if you are the first in and the last to leave, and if your career aspirations include a top floor corner office, then your bag may as well reflect that. A leather or faux leather briefcase, a single strap, and some pouch-like pockets on the face that can hold your phone, power banks, laptop, and checkbook with style and class immediately signals that you mean business.

Trendy, Fashionista | A bag is an accessory for these women; it is always fashion over function. You may also be the person who has the highest number of bags to choose from. Every day can be a new bag day!

The lifestyles mentioned above are not the only types in the world, and you might be all three of them put together in one bundle; that is a real possibility. If you are, then make sure you have a bag that shines with every facet of your personality.